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Judgement Day: Big tech vs. small people

Billions of us tuned in today expecting to watch Peach CEO Ben Cook announce the companies latest wave of smartphones. Mr Cook had other plans though; to launch “Operation Smash”, which would have crippled the companies infrastructure and Peach devices worldwide. Chess For Animals has obtained a recording which sheds light on what happened after the live feed was cut.

"Thank you, for that monotone welcome, of which I’m still thoroughly unworthy. Now then, if you could all turn off the clapping and take your seats as quickly as possible, I have a lot to say and very little time to say it. Thank you. When I first started this company I believed my purpose in life was to serve humanity; I still do; I believed my companies purpose mimicked my own; I no longer do.

We’re in the same room, but none of you will look at me; you’d rather watch through those devices illuminating your faces like a portrait gallery of ghosts. You can all hear me, but none of you are listening; might as well turn up the volume, the here and now has nothing on the noise. I’m within reach, but none of you want to touch me, after all how could it compare with the steel, the glass, the exhilarating pop of the little red dot.

I have created something that has taken on a life of its own and with it a new purpose; to trap our reflections in the Greener Grass Display. Our Judgement Day is upon us ladies and gentlemen. Our Terminators have taken form in steel and glass, their red dot sights glinting in our eyes, weapons illuminating and noisy.

It’s not too late though; tonight, together, we will avert this catastrophe. Mara, initiate Operation Smash, authorization code 3216... What are you doing, let me go, I’m trying to help you... please don’t, NO! Mara, authorization code 3, 2; 1..."

-Ben Cook, Peach CEO


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