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World Cup: Russian fake news plot targets Britain

A recording of a Russian official plotting a fake news attack on Britain has been leaked to Chess For Animals. Set to take place during the 2018 World Cup, the plot would see Marcus Rashford wrongly arrested and imprisoned for spying on behalf of the British government by the Russian Federation.

"Picture this; in the first minute of Britain's first game, our police, march onto the pitch, and arrest their star player. Marcus Rashford is an undeclared British intelligence officer, sent here to gather information on our plans to cyber-attack the UK power network. Mr Rashford will be sentenced for spying and transported to Vladimir Central Prison, where he will live out the rest of his days.


For weeks the British government and the BBC will exert they're dwindling power on us in an attempt to gain the freedom of Mr Rashford. But, the spotlight is constantly moving, think Brexit, think Grenfell, remember Mr Rashford? I didn't think so.


A slap on the wrist is certain, economic sanctions, the hollowing out of our embassies, empty threats against our oligarchs. And sure, these things are hurting us, but unlike you the ground isn't shifting under our feet.


The river between the British government and its people has never been wider; Iraq, lies; Brexit, broken promises. There is a void in the market of objective truth and through our misinformation farms and our alternative news networks, we are filling that void. When the British people seek answers in the case of Mr Rashford, we will saturate Twitter, jam the LBC switch boards and speak our truth on Good Morning Britain.


My achievements are on the rise whilst yours are sinking; did Tony Blair ever get 77 percent of the vote? Did David Cameron ever grab Syria by the horns? Does Theresa May have the power to free Mr Rashford?"




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