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Brexit: Once upon a time democracy

After the announcement of the Chequers Brexit plan, Chess For Animals asked members of the public to send in their opinions. Bill is a working-class, recently made father who has lived through the expenses scandal, Iraq War and now Brexit; understandably he is not a happy bunny.

"This was your grandads pocket watch; and if you push this button here, the lid flicks open, and you can see what time it is. You see this short thick hand, it’s pointing at the 9th hour; whilst this long thin hand, is pointing at the 12th minute, which means it’s 12 minutes past the 9th hour. That’s gone completely over your little head hasn’t it; don’t panic though, it’s probably gone over your Prime Ministers little head too.

I won’t waste your valuable time by telling you what her name is; with any luck she’ll soon be flushed into the sewers of history and her abysmal Prime Ministership scrubbed from the records.

You can probably tell daddy isn’t a very happy bunny today, something that I, and most of the country voted for, has been completely trashed by a bunch of utter... clowns. What gets me the most, is that these are the exact same clowns that’ll come knocking if we don’t pay for their swimming pools and antique fruit bowls, the exact same clowns that’ll send us to die in phony wars, and now, the exact same clowns have wrestled control of the entire circus away from us.

Your grandad once said to me “politics is a load of poo, politicians are full of poo and their policies will poo on you”. Look at you giggling; even though I disagreed with it at the time I giggled too, but I’m not giggling anymore and now I completely agree."

-Bill Wilson


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